Corporate Escapee Becomes Epic Travel Provider

Young woman flying to France
“My father had a dental conference on a Caribbean Island and, after he died, I inherited that meeting. So I began planning travel for dentists … in the first year, I doubled it, in the second year I tripled it, so I had a nice little business going. That’s when I said: Maybe it is time to think about doing travel full-time? Booking travel for dentists was so much fun; it didn’t feel like work.”

Eva Grodberg
Founder of Epic Experiences

Imagine embarking on a career in advertising on famed Madison Avenue, where all the entry level jobs available to recent college grads like you require proficiency in typing. Then imagine getting a lucky break with a pivot to print media sales where you rise to become a top direct response advertising sales producer with a $20.5 million revenue portfolio and a huge expense account.

Finally, imagine what happens when that great career in print media sales comes to a screeching halt?

In this episode, we meet a corporate escapee who lived through that, but reinvented herself doing work that she loves by providing epic travel experiences to discriminating world travelers.

About our guest: Eva Grodberg leveraged her love of travel and exceptional sales and management skill into starting a successful experiential travel business. A graduate of Ithaca College’s Park School of Communications in Ithaca, New York, Eva takes us along her storied career path to a “second-act” doing truly meaningful work that brings her and her clients joy.

On Starting a Second-Act Career Business

Eva Grodberg by Karl Grobl.png“It takes awhile to build a business. What people don’t always realize is, after all, no matter what industry they want to be in, they are in sales. … What they are really doing is selling and finding clients. It’s 90 percent of what we do.”

Eva Grodberg, Founder of Epic Experiences

PODCAST DATE: May 11, 2018


Photo credits: Corporate Escapee, Getty Images; Eva Grodberg in Asia, Karl Grobl.

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