Disconnecting to Reconnect with the World and People: Building Meaningful Lives and Work

Look up in a dense pine forest“As odd as this may sound, we’re going to go full-circle, and the importance of sitting down with somebody and having a conversation is actually going to matter, again.”

Jonathan Gibralter PhD
President of Wells College

Could you imagine a point in your life where you completely disconnect from social media—Facebook and Twitter—in order to establish better and more meaningful connections with people and the world? One college president did just that; it was his bold step to effect more meaningful relationships with the people in his life—most especially the faculty and student body that he leads at his small, but influential, Central New York institution of higher learning.

Our conversation covers the struggles that young people endure today, to find meaning in their lives and work and includes discussion about the Gig Economy and the Social Safety Net which is needed to ensure that the work that we do becomes a successful part of a meaningful life.

About our guest: With an over 30-year career in higher education—including 18 years as a president—Dr. Jonathan Gibralter is well known in American college and university circles as an effective practitioner of campus-led sustainability efforts. He considers his work on the Steering Committee of Second Nature, the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, among the most important of his esteemed career.

On Work:


“There are more young people doing societal good. They are giving back more. They are getting involved in more service and service learning projects in particular, in college. And that gives me enormous promise for the future.”

Jonathan Gibralter PhD, President of Wells College

PODCAST DATE: October 24, 2017


Photo credits: Evergreen Forest, Getty Images; President Jonathan Gibalter PhD, Wells College

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