Living a Life of Less Stuff and More Epic Experience

Happy family walking with fun on sunset sea beach
“Most of my [travel] clients definitely seem to be more focused on having memorable experiences, either with loved ones, with family, friends, or, even if they are going on a trip alone, they really want to have the best possible experience while they are away rather than acquire more stuff.”

Eva Grodberg
Founder of Epic Experiences

Penguin photosAccording Pew Research’s groundbreaking January 2017 report, the American Dream that we all knew as Upward Mobility is long gone; it was replaced by a soberer pursuit of economic stability. As a result, we now fill our homes and storage bins with less stuff. And more of us, and especially Millennials, instead pursue profound meaning and experience.

There are few industries where that shift is more evident than in vacation travel.

In this episode, we meet an entrepreneur who delivers epic vacation travel experiences to her discriminating clients.

About our guest: Eva Grodberg leveraged her love of travel and exceptional sales and management skill into starting a successful experiential travel business. A graduate of Ithaca College’s Park School of Communications in Ithaca, New York, and a former top media sales executive for USA Weekend and other publications, Eva takes us along a  storied career path to her “second-act” doing truly meaningful work that brings her and her clients joy.

On Her Epic Travel Wish List

Eva Grodberg by Karl Grobl.png“I would love to go to Antarctica. Right now, there are these trips there on adventure discovery yachts; they hold 200 people and they are amazing. One ship has an underwater lounge that looks out at marine life swimming by with microphones capturing the sound..”

Eva Grodberg, Founder of Epic Experiences

PODCAST DATE: May 11, 2018


Photo credits: Vacationing Family at Sunset, Getty Images; Photographer with Penguin, Getty Images; Eva Grodberg in Asia, Karl Grobl.

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