Starting Small: How One Small College Leads Sustainability’s Big Future

Unknown“[We’re] small by intent and design. Something very special occurs when you have a small institution and people can get to know each other well and in an intimate way.”

Jonathan Gibralter PhD
President of Wells College

Big and transformative sustainability ideals—and careers—are often born on college campuses. In this episode of The Tightrope with Dan Smolen, we sit down with one college president to discuss his stewardship of an institution, with fewer than 500 students, that gets its graduates to enter careers in a BIG WAY, to effectively tackle the world’s environmental and natural resource problems.

About our guest: With an over 30-year career in higher education—including 18 years as a president—Dr. Jonathan Gibralter is well known in American college and university circles as an effective practitioner of campus-led sustainability efforts. He considers his work on the Steering Committee of Second Nature, the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, among the most important of his esteemed career.

On Youth and Sustainability:

ext“The youth of today are driving the sustainability initiative. And I don’t want to say that they are shaming adults into it, but certainly they’re making us recognize our responsibility.”

Jonathan Gibralter PhD, President of Wells College

PODCAST DATE: October 24, 2017


Photo credits: College Campus, Wells College; President Jonathan Gibalter PhD, Wells College

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