The Path Forward: Staying Nimble for Career Success

Compass With Blurred Woods TrailA veteran career counselor and Emotional Intelligence expert makes the case that our workforce’s notions of work and career have massively shifted. And now, in the Age of Trump, she explains why it is so critically important that we stay nimble—and ahead of the curve—to achieve lasting career success in sustainability, social responsibility, and other fields.

About our guest: Edythe Richards is a successful career counselor and practitioner of Meyers Briggs, Strong Interest Inventory, and Emotional Intelligence. She has helped scores of workers find their bliss in full-time and contracted or gig work assignments that protect the environment and empower people. Edythe also addresses a full range of career-related topics on her A Top Career blog.

On those bound to make a Successful Pivot to “Green” Gig Work:

edythe richards

“There are several factors that drive some people to pursue entrepreneurship, and, one is risk-taking. Most entrepreneurs are more comfortable than the average person in taking risks, but that doesn’t mean that they will be successful. They need to have confidence and the drive to pull off those risks. They also need to be flexible. And let’s face it: there are people who just happen to do better in a non-standard work environment. These are people who thrive when they are allowed to work on their own terms, and accomplish tasks in their own way, without someone micromanaging them.”

Edythe Richards, A Top Career Blog 

RECORDING DATE: March 31, 2017


Photo credits: Compass and Path, Getty Images; Edythe Richards, A Top Career Blog

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