Here are some of the sustainability practices we currently follow:052906-baby-robins2-2

  • We print out only what we need to print (and it isn’t much at all). One continuing factor in the improvement: setting our network printer to automatic double-sided printing. Practically all of our written correspondence is electronic; contracts and other documents that we once faxed are now scanned and transmitted as PDF files. And we surface mail business correspondence only when it is absolutely necessary to do so;
  • Old computers and technology are “wiped clean” of data, then donated to an authorized computer recycling center;
  • We consume filtered tap water. Further, we make sure toilet pumps are properly set and toilet flappers are not leaking (if they are we replace them, immediately);
  • In the winter our automatic thermostats drop to 65 degrees.  We wear layers! Summers in the Washington D.C. area have been some of the hottest-on-record so we must use air conditioning. But we set our automatic thermostats at 78 degrees:
  • We have surpassed our goal of recycling 50 percent of our post-consumer waste (plastic, newsprint, glass, and metals);
  • We promote  virtual office capabilities, mass transit stipends, and other environmentally friendly practices;
  • We utilize Skype and FaceTime to interview our candidates for open assignments, saving thousands of dollars annually in out-of-pocket travel and entertainment expenses. As a result, our company has yielded a substantial carbon footprint reduction, and;
  • We put our money where our mouth is active members of E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs). E2 is the U.S.’s leading non-partisan sustainable business advocacy group that fights to protect our air, water, people, wildlife, and habitat.
We are not perfect, but we do take our environmental stewardship quite seriously!

We are dedicated to maintaining honest and open client and candidate relationships, and our privacy policy emphasizes that commitment.

The information that you provide to us is kept private and secure. Name and contact information will be used only to inform you about relevant executive search activity and other related items. This may be accomplished through periodic postings to the email address(es) you specify, surface mail, or phone contact. We will not sell, trade, or lease your personal information to others.

Further, we will not submit to a client, or any third-party, your contact information or credentials without first securing your prior knowledge or consent.

We monitor visitor traffic patterns and site usage statistics such as clicks, hits, and domains from which people visit our web site. And we analyze these data for trends to help us improve the site and our professional services.

If you wish to contact us regarding a privacy issue or any other concern, please click here or call us at:

+1 703 835 9900.

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